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It is Good Friday today.  At NuMark we give Good Friday off as a holiday.  I am at the office working doing some quotes trying to catch up on some work. 

I decided to listen and watch a video on YouTube that Aaron Groves sent me.  Mission Uganda was allowed to share the story of what happened in Uganda on our February Mission trip.  This was held at The Church of the Way on a Saturday afternoon.  The panel was made up of Derek DeHaan, Heather Cortes, Bruce Engbers, and Aaron Groves.  I could not attend because of my son Levi’s wedding to Angie Geetings.  Dawn Van Haaften and Anna were also not able to attend.

I am not getting much work done on the quotes.  The tears are just pouring out.  Hearing their stories and reflections of their experience in Uganda helps me to realize how amazing God is and what He has done. 

All of these people were uniquely called by God for a special purpose.  Their lives are forever changed.  In one section of this video, Heather shares what her Ugandan daughter writes in her note pad.  I am telling you, it absolutely leaves you wrecked.  To hear Derek tell about the soccer balls and what it means to the kids in Uganda, well it sort of gives you a whole new perspective on life and what we have here in the West.  Pappy ( Bruce Engbers ) sharing what this trip did to his life, well it leaves very emotional. 

But this is what this video left with me with the most.  Mission Uganda was created by God.  The missionary strategy was His plan and carried out by the team who are his instruments.  Everything about this mission pointed to Christ Jesus and what he did on the cross.  As I am going through Holy Week, tonight I will go to our Good Friday service and think about what Jesus did on the cross, and my thoughts will be very much on the kids in Uganda.  I flat out want every kid saved that we can possibly touch.  I want to make disciples of the people we impact so they can spread the good news of Jesus Christ and multiply His church.  I am going to attach this video to this blog.  It is a little long, but you will hear from people whose lives are completely transformed just because they said yes to the call. 

All praise and honor for everything that is happening through Mission Uganda goes to Jesus Christ!