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When this soccer tournament mission idea formulated, Maggie made me a budget. She had a pretty sizable amount for prize money. I will be honest, I didn’t understand this. But as always, I trusted her.

At one point yesterday, I went off by myself and I was just taking in this amazing sporting event. I remember asking myself:

“Did this all come about from one word from God?”

Later I was alone with Maggi on the van, and I asked her that question. It did. In the U.S., we went into action to do the necessary fund raising. We also worked hard to find the people God called to go on this mission. In Uganda, Maggi’s team went to work. They had weekly meetings planning every detail of this mission. Two teams, one in the U.S. and one in Uganda became co-labors with God. And everyone prayed.

So everyday there is a tournament of 10 teams playing to reach the championship game. The winner receives a cow. This cow is  tied up to a tree just off the soccer field under a shade tree. After the victory celebration, the winning school leads the cow back to their village.

This is what is so amazing to me about this gift! It is planned as a gift that is purposely given so that it can multiply. The recipients of the cow are asked to take it home and use it for breeding to produce more cows. This plan was a strategy to bring the village prosperity—it is a gift that keeps on giving.

On another note, for the women of the schools they are having a tournament called “Net Ball.” These games were played off to one side of the soccer field. The winning team received a goat for their village.

The championship and the runner-up teams all received new uniforms. You should have seen these guys putting on their uniforms, right on the big stage in front of the massive crowd.

As I do almost every night that I am in Uganda, I lay my head on my pillow and just say to God, “WOW!”

God really likes to do “Big Boy God Stuff!”