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I am overwhelmed with joy to share with you this story. It is a story of how God works through his people to fulfill his missionary plan. That plan is to reach every person, ethnic group, tribe, with the gospel with the outcome that every person will repent, be forgiven of their sins, give Him praise, and do every living act to worship him.

Last night I couldn’t sleep. Most likely the time zones are affecting me.

Then Papa starts taking to me. and you might as well get up and go to work.

I was thinking about this: How could we in a more effective way reach this people group with the gospel? In this culture, word pictures are big. They also love interaction. Here in Africa it is important to share the Word and then show them the Word.

I am taking this Perspectives Course, and there is a certain story written by Robertson McQuiken. It is a story of lost sheep on an island and a forest fire. There is only one escape off the island, a very narrow bridge, and only with the official road map can you find this bridge.

God spoke to me. He said “Ask your team if they feel they could turn this story into a skit.” After breakfast I read them this story and asked their opinion. They liked the idea and the team started dreaming on how we could do this. It changed some but I really liked it. As happens so many times on these trips, I throw out an idea, and the team runs with it.

We went to two schools yesterday morning. At the first school, the skit was a little rough, but it worked. We made some adaptions, and the second skit was much better. Let me share a picture that I will never forget. All these kids rushing through the narrow gate, and at the end of this human tunnel we had made, they were wrapped in the arms of Jesus. (Mesach played Jesus)

Here is the great mystery. God unfolding his great plan. God writing chapters every day in all of the teams life-story. A woman at church encourages me to take this Perspectives Class. In my homework I read a story that gets stuck in my mind. God uses that story to help us create a gospel skit as a tool to share the gospel.

As I say to Papa all the time, you are so awesome and I love how you work. Wow!!!

With lots of love from Uganda,