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From Nuper:

Amazing! Wow!
So many emotions! We are like the church in Acts. We are witnesses to God’s story and sharing the message of our risen Savior.
Stories bring Revival. The power of the gospel bring Revival.
Holy is up to something.
Love you all!

From Bryce:

I was overwhelmed today with positive comments about our service last night. The comments were positive beyond belief. God touched many people through our witness last night in powerful ways. One lady was heard to say as she left that she didn’t really know what just happened but she felt like she was walking on a cloud. I had a woman come up to me with tears in her eyes expressing appreciation for each of your testimonies last night. We put some hay in the barn. For me, the evening was extra special because we were at my home church worshiping with people I dearly love and call my church family. I don’t say this from a human perspective, but from a God perspective but I can’t think of anyone that I would have rather spent the night with than my church family and each of you. I watched the service on Facebook live this afternoon and my heart just welled up with love as I watch each of you in action. Holy was definitely in the house. I know you probably get sick of hearing this but I love each of you more than you can imagine and I so thank God that he called us to be in ministry together. Life changer for sure. Now each of you just sit back, close your eyes and imagine a great big hug from Sabalongo!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU. God is good, all the time-All the time God is good, and that’s his nature WOW!!!


Watch the Video Replay of the Service: