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A long time ago my life was over. Everything I had worked for was gone. I had nothing and was a failure in everything the world placed value in—achievements.

I was in the pit of despair, the muck and the mire, in my terms “the poop.”

I ran out of options and there was only one choice left to make—turn to God.

I don’t know if you know this, but God created all of you for a purpose. He had this plan in place before mom and dad decided to have you. For His plan and purpose to work, you have to surrender to Him. This is very hard for most of us because we want to be in control. This has been the age old problem since the beginning of time—we want to be God, and we are not.

I absolutely hate back seat drivers (that is because I like to be in control). Can I tell you a secret that hardly no one knows? On the second day of our marriage—yes on the honeymoon—Judy attempted to tell me how to drive and where to go, and we got in a huge fight. I actually made her cry, and she pondered on what she got herself into.

Everyone has a story. Papa wants to write your story with you. If you will just surrender to him, together you can write a best selling book, and it will be worth millions, in the storehouses of heaven.

So I surrendered. 

That means I had to hand the keys over to Papa. He told me to get in the back seat. Do you know how much I hate to sit in the back seat? Do you know how much I hate to trust someone else’s driving?

So I get in the back seat, and Papa tells me to strap in and pull the seat belts really tight.

Then He did the craziest thing, he handed the keys to “Holy.” I wasn’t prepared for this. Let me tell, Holy is a crazy driver. You think you’re going to crash at any time. But when the trip is over, you realize it was one of the most exciting adventures you have ever been on. What is really awesome is you realize you just wrote another chapter of your book.

As you take this trip with Holy, new characters come into the story. It is absolutely amazing of the people you meet when you ride with Holy.

I encourage you all, give God the keys to the car, get in the back seat and strap in. Be prepared! It is going to be a crazy, wild ride. But, wow! What an adventure!

Slava Bogu x 1000 (Russian for Praise the Lord)