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Noah is part of Golden Heart and is constantly with us. He is one of Margaret’s most trusted friends.

I asked Noah if he would share his story. So, he wrote it out and this morning at breakfast Maggi read his story with Noah present. His story is as follows:

Noah was born in 1972 and is 47 years old. He was born into a Muslim family. His parents got a divorce and lived in other parts of the country. Noah lived with his dad. When he was in 3rd grade, or 10 years old, his mother asked him to come and visit her. It sounds like she lived in another part of the region.

On the trip to see his mother, Noah was kidnapped by the rebels who were fighting the government army. He was used to prepare their food and take care of their needs. He was also trained to be a spy. They would put a school uniform on him and tell him to act like a school kid. He would spy on the army and bring the rebels information he obtained. When he was 10 years old, the rebels gave him a gun and taught him to fight.

One day, he was on a mission to rob a bank. On the long march back he got so tired he could not go on. He saw a hole or small cave and crawled in it and fell asleep. He slept for a long time. When the rebels found out he was missing they went looking for him. The rule was to fire your gun a certain way to let them know you were alive. When Noah woke up he actually found his band of rebels in a battle and joined them. When they returned to base, the rebels still beat him by striking him with a cane 100 times for getting lost.

In 1997 he got out to the army. His mother found him a wife and they have 5 children. He heard about Maggi and the work she did. He liked her and wanted to help her because he wanted a better life for his children than he had.

It is a tremendous testimony to us all that even though Maggi knew Noah was a Muslim, she still let him join her on the missions. After hearing Maggi share the gospel over and over, Noah asked her why she did not ask him to accept Jesus. On that day, a Muslim accepted Jesus because of the love he witnessed by Christians!

Noah’s famous saying is “one way, no shortcuts, only Jesus Christ.”