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On February 1, the 4th team for Mission Uganda leaves for Uganda.

On this trip the group is all men, so we have labeled ourselves “The Band of Brothers.”

We will be gone for 2 weeks. 

The team members are as follow:

Carroll Hoksbergen—Carroll is a retired farmer from Tracy, married to Kathy. He recently retired from farming, and they moved closer to Pella. (They are actually now living on the right side of the river.) Carroll has a huge heart of compassion and love for people and has dreamed for years of the day when he could go on a mission trip like this. We are so glad to have him on our team.

Bruce “Pappy” Engbers—Pappy is from Sully and married to Sue. He works at the Grinnell Hospital as the facility manger, keeping the hospital going. This is his second trip to Uganda, and I hear him say often he would just like to move to Uganda permanently. (Don’t worry Sue, I promise I will bring him home.) Pappy has a passion to share the gospel, and I love watching him share Christ message in his unique way.

Joel Jansen—Joel is from Sully and is married to Deann. Deann and Joel are the owners of Janco Manufacturing in Sully. It is so inspiring to hear Joel tell the story of how God lead him and Deann to have a heart for Uganda. 


When we get to Uganda we will be met at the airport by Maggi’s entire team. Her organization is called the Golden Heart Foundation, and we are a cross-cultural missionary team. For those of us who have been to Uganda before, these people are like family to us. It takes both teams to make this all happen, and it is a very effective missionary strategy.

On this trip, the plan is to again sponsor nine soccer tournaments. In Uganda, they call it football, and the cow pastures that are the playing field are called “football pitches.” The woman plays a game called Net Ball, and their tournament goes on at the same time just off the football field.

Eight teams will compete each day, and the winning men’s team get a cow as a trophy. The women’s trophy is a goat, and they put a jersey on the goat and dance around the field. The cow is usually a little on the wild side, having never seen such a commotion, and we pray that no one gets hurt. We also give each team a new soccer ball and the two top teams get new uniforms. There is commonly over 3,000 people at each soccer tournament, and it is one of the most colorful sites I have ever seen.

In the mornings, we will be going to schools to share the gospel and hand out humanitarian aid in the form of math sets, porridge, and uniforms. It is so much fun to love on these kids. Every time I see the kids carrying the bags of maize flour back to their schools, it brings tears to my eyes. I know this sounds like a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

We covet your prayers for this team and mainly pray that the Holy Spirit goes into thousands of lives, and they become followers of Jesus. I also want to thank all the people that have donated to this mission. It would not be possible without you. 

Blessings to you all,