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When we planned Maggi’s visit we felt a two week visit would be the right timing. We split up her time her staying with four families: Bryce and Kathy Engbers, Bill and Kathy Talsma, Erv and Val Van Wyk, and Judy and myself. We all tried to spoil her rotten. I heard Maggi say several times, “When I get home, Dennis (her husband) had better step up his game!” In reality, we just wanted to love on her. 

We also wanted to allow her to meet as many people as possible. Everywhere we went we told the Mission Uganda story. I think people could sense her deep love for God and her compassion for the poor in her country. 

Georganne took Maggi to the Des Moines Christian school and she spoke to about 300 kids. I was told they all stood inline and shook her hand and hugged her. Later in the week I took her to the Oskaloosa Christian Grade School for chapel. We really had a good time at this school. The kids were very attentive.

In the past few weeks after Maggi has left, I have been approached several times by kids and parents who say, “the kids heard Maggi and you speak and it has really impacted them.” This makes me feel good. In 1966, Dr. Bolens and his wife Eleanor came to my 4th grade class and spoke to us about missions. I never forgot that meeting, and I feel it planted a seed in me as a little boy.

We also visited all three elderly homes in Pella. These people are so dear, and they love to here the amazing stories of our God at work. At the Vriedschaap Village, I told the folks the story of the night the cow fell out of the truck in transportation, was hit by two boto bota’s (motorcycles) and it killed the cow. This must have really moved these people because several people wanted to give us a donation to buy cows for the next mission trip. Note: a cow is the trophy given to the winning team at the soccer tournament.

Maggi was allowed to share at the Kiwanis meeting. What a group of dear people!

We also were able to speak to two young people groups at local churches. It is so important for these young people to hear how 80% percent of the world live in extreme poverty. It really changes your perspective on life. 

Obviously you all know how much I have fallen in love with this dear African woman. I am so happy that many of you also got to meet her and fell in love with her.