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Lots of people showed Maggi love and hospitality. I thought this love act was very special.

Ashley Smith is a dental assistant at the Dental Practice in Newton. She offered to allow Maggi to have her teeth cleaned. I didn’t know this, but Maggi had never been to a dentist. The dentist must have done an X-ray and found two cavities. Towards the end of Maggi’s visit she went back to the dentist and got those repaired. Later Maggi told me that she had felt discomfort for a long time and chewed her food on one side of her mouth. I thought this was such a wonderful gift.

Maggi and I were also able to tour Janco Industries in Sully. Joel and Deanne Jansen were so kind to us. Their factory is amazing. Maggi is very interested in all the technology we have in the U.S. Knowing her she will go home with all kinds of new ideas for Uganda!

On the day before Maggi was supposed to leave (I will explain this later) Maggi asked if we could go to Wal-Mart and buy some padlocks for her luggage. Note: Maggi came with one carry-on suitcase. She went home with 3 suitcases and her carry-on! I don’t know what happened! I am going to blame Georgeann. Back to Wal-Mart. We found the locks, then we did some shopping for Maria (the little girl Judy and I are sponsoring in Uganda).

Then Maggi asked if she could buy something for herself. She wanted a pair of shoes. She was looking at some cheap shoes, and I said to her, “come on let’s go.” Maggi most likely thought I was too cheap to buy her some new shoes. We left Wal-Mart and went to the south side of the square in Pella. I took her into Brown’s Shoes and let her pick out a pair. She fell in love with a pair of boots with heels. I have to admit she looked good in them. 

Here’s the deal! Sabalongo bought Maggie an expensive necklace with a small diamond in it—the diamond was most likely fake knowing Bryce—but Maggi was so touched, I could feel I was losing my #1 standing in Maggi’s eyes. I think the shoes helped.  😀

On Thursday we took a Maggi to the airport and to say our goodbyes. I dropped the girls off at the curb and went and parked the pickup. When I got to the check in counter the “Hottie” said we have a major problem. Oh no! What could this be?! Judy said we are here on the wrong day, Maggi doesn’t leave until tomorrow. Oops! Poor Judy, her sons tease her unmercifully. Me, I never say a thing, I am very smart! The next day we got off without a hitch and said our goodbyes to our precious Maggi. She managed to win over many hearts in Central Iowa.