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There has been a young lady with us at our house. We all knew that she was someone Margaret and Dennis had helped. This morning we heard her story. Dennis got very emotional as he told it.

Linda & Dennis

Dennis went to Linda’s village which was 6 hours away. He felt God called him there but wasn’t sure why. Dennis told us that he spoke to all the kids and notice this young lady sitting at a table who looked normal. Dennis said he came back to the room and noticed this girl dragging herself on the ground back to her room.

This girl had broken her tibia bone clean off, and her leg was just dangling. This girl was from a Muslim family. They had no money for the surgery, and she had lived this way for 4 months. Her mother had given up hope. Dennis and Margaret went to the mother and asked if they could take her back to the city and get her medical help. The mother agreed and they took her home with them. The doctors rebroke the bone and then set it.

Linda had dropped out of school in P-6 four years ago because the family did not have the money for school fees.

Today this young lady is going to her first day of school. She is 15 now but she will start in P-7. She is at a boarding school. We prayed over her before she left.

Today she walks normal.

Another part of this story. When Dennis and Margaret got Linda to their house, she suffered from very evil spirits and had terrible dreams. Within a week, they were all gone from Dennis’ and Maggi’s prayers. She is now a Christian. When they took Linda back to her village for a visit the whole village came out to see her and were absolutely astounded. Linda’s mother went back to her hut and cried for 2 hours.

What a story of God’s mercy and grace and a pouring out of compassion!