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Our time is almost here. We leave for our Mission Uganda trip next week. A great deal of work has gone into this project both here in the U.S. and by the team in Uganda.

The team is excited to start this great adventure.

What a joy it is going to be to bring the humanitarian aid of porridge, uniforms, and math sets to all these dear people!

We will be giving 480 uniforms to selected students. One third of these kids are orphans. Each uniform is made for their school colors.

15,000 math sets will be handed to the selected students. I wonder how many lives will be changed because of this.

I can only imagine the joy that will be on their faces.

We are sending the last portion of donations today, and the people making and bagging the porridge will be hard at work. Notice on the pictures, Maggi had them write Mission Uganda 2018 and by one picture she laid the word of God.

The Word of God is the primary focus of this mission.  We have the daunting task and responsibility now to share the good news with as much power and passion as we can.

Please pray for this exciting adventure in the Kingdom of God.