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I am so blessed to live in central Iowa. We have so many industries that create jobs and wealth. My residence is Pella, which is the headquarters for Vermeer, which takes raw materials of steel and rubber and transforms them into valuable machines that are sent all over the world. Pella Corp is also headquartered here, taking lumber and glass and manufacturing windows and doors that go all over the world. In the little town of Sully, there is a factory called Janco which also takes sheets of steel and transforms them into machines and parts which then get sent all over the world.

This is just to name a few of the companies close to home. Jobs create wealth.

In Uganda, the unemployment rate—according to Golden Heart—is most likely above 80%. This is the same in most third world countries. No job. No money. No food. No water. Think about what this must be like!

One of the long term goals of Mission Uganda is to find ways to create jobs in the Mukono District in Uganda. Today I want to share with you physical evidence of how we are accomplishing this goal. For many of you that read this blog, you have given Mission Uganda a portion of your resources because you believe in what we are doing in Uganda. I wanted to show you the fruit of what you have helped us plant through a few photos and videos.

We give God all the glory and honor for truly it is only Him that brought this about.

Mission Uganda is working mainly in the country of the Mukono District.  They call it the “bush” or the “jungle.” The vegetation in the area is green because they receive abundant rain, especially for an area in Africa.  The soil is red, but it is fertile and can grow crops. One of the main crops is maize, which is white corn and suitable for human consumption.

Through the help of Mission Uganda and your generous gifts, we were able to help The Golden Heart Foundation (Maggi’s group) buy some land, construct buildings, and buy equipment. Without a doubt our efforts have not been in vain, and we see fruit from our labors.

You will see the mill running, grinding corn into a fine powder. This is a main food source called porridge.

You will see a man bagging the maize flour, and people tying bags. The main mode of transportation in Uganda is the bota bota (motorcycle), and the bags of porridge are tied on the motorcycle to be delivered somewhere.

In Uganda, a favorite food source is pork. From the by-product of maize flour production, we have feed to raise pigs. We have constructed a building for pork production, holding boars and sows to produce piglets.  Some of these piglets are then delivered to village women to finish out these pigs. This is a huge income source for these villages.

I realize that this is just a single drop of water in a 5 gallon bucket to solve the economic issues in Africa, but it is something and a start. This all came about because a couple Iowa farm boys said, “What if…?”

My final thought to you all: God, you are simply WOW!  Slava Bogu x 1000.

My job now is to start raising the funds for the next trip. I would greatly appreciate your support. If you give to this, you are also a part of this missionary team.

Also never forget one thing! True poverty is when you don’t have Jesus and an eternal home in heaven. Every place we go, we share the message of Jesus along with humanitarian aid as a bridge to the Gospel.

You can donate online at or you can mail a check to 513 Woodlawn Dr., Pella, Iowa, 50219.