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When I was a little boy a grew up on a farm about 6 miles east of Pella.  For a little boy, the Barn was the center of my world.

As I was pondering on all the things that happened in my life the past year (2019) my memories went back to that hay mow.

My brother and I would spend hours in that hay mow. We built forts. We built tunnels. We would play army. We got into all kinds of trouble because we broke too many bales. There was always a hay rope, and we would jump off a huge pile of hay to the other side of the barn. For all you city kids, you really missed a great adventure!

If you hang around me for any length of time you will hear me say, “Putting hay in the barn.” This is my funny way of saying it is my desire to bring glory to God in everything we do, to bring in His Kingdom, and bales of hay are like golden nuggets in the Kingdom of God. My desire is to fill the barn with hay and make Papa very proud.

As I think about 2019, my thoughts this morning are going to all the people I got to play in the hay mow with. We had so much fun, and we really made God smile. (If you haven’t figured this out yet, making God smile is the key to joy in life). 

I just had another thought God gave me. The Holy Spirit (or who I just call Holy) is there in the hay mow playing with us also. Holy is fun to play with.

I pray that all of you have a blessed 2020.