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In my office I have a window that faces the highway to the south and the Farmers Coop to the west. For the last month, I have watched the farmers haul their grain to the coop. They are bringing in the harvest. Last April/May, they planted the seed and have been watching and taking care of their crop for the entire season.

They have faced many trials and challenges. One of the most difficult things they had to watch their crop go through was extremely wet weather at the beginning of October. They were all ready to harvest a record crop and could not do their job because of the rain. 

It rained almost continually for two weeks. They watched their crop rot right in the field, and with it, their hopes of having a “Good Year” as us farmer call it.

At the coop, they have to go over the scale to measure the bushels. The coop puts a probe into the wagon or truck to check the quality of the grain. Farmers’ worst fear is that their crop would be rejected because of poor quality. They also face what we call “docks” because of inferior quality, and this takes away some of their income.

I am a former farmer.

There is a part of me that longs to still be a farmer. I have so many memories of that wonderful lifestyle. Sometimes I ask myself this question, “Do you want to go back to farming?”

My life is much different now. I am still farming but in a much different way. The seed I plant is the good news of Jesus Christ. I spend a great deal of time sharing with people I meet the mystery of the Messiah. I used to have a crop consultant that would help me to grow a more productive crop. “Holy” is now my crop consultant. He tells me where to plant, how to take care of the crop, and when to harvest.

My fields have changed.

My fields are now Iowa, Russia, and most of all, Africa. My dream a long time ago was to farm a thousand acres with the latest and best machinery. Today, I farm the world and go wherever my crazy driver (Holy) takes me. 

My farming method today is mainly telling my story and what God has done in my life. Sometimes my mind is boggled with where I am and who I am speaking to. Most of the time, it is in some of the poorest and darkest places of the world. I can testify to this. When I am going into a field where there are big risks and it is scary, this is when I get the greatest harvest. 

We need to harvest the crop before the weather gets bad. If we don’t, the crop will rot. There are souls to save, and the gospel must be shared. This is urgent!

We all are going to die someday. What will the probe reveal about the quality of our crop? In other words, God is going to do an accounting of our life and it will show in perfect form the fruits of our labors. 

There is an amazing crop out there, ready to be harvested! It is the most valuable crop on the planet—people’s souls and their eternal destiny. Come along with me, and let’s bring in the crop. This is the most important thing we can do to make God smile!

Just putting hay in the barn!