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It was last June, I had just returned from Uganda, and I was getting back into my normal routine here at home. I ride bike around town to stay in shape, and I listen to praise and worship or a podcast while I work out. Margaret and I had been praying to God, asking what was next for Mission Uganda. 

That morning I said a simple prayer, “What’s next Papa?”  He gave me one word, “Soccer.” I shared that with Maggi later that day—Papa had given her the same word two days earlier. 

This morning we travel to the airport and start our 8,000 mile journey back to Africa. 

I am reflecting this morning on everything that went into this trip. For me, it was countless meetings, thousands of letters and emails, talking to anyone that would listen—basically telling the story and inviting people to join God’s mission. 

In Africa, Maggi and her team have worked diligently to prepare for this mission. It is the story of teamwork—two groups in different countries working together to accomplish God’s goal and purpose. 

I prayed so hard for a team to join me. Many times I remember saying to God, “who is crazy enough to go with me to Africa?” 

God gave me a very awesome team. God called each one, and they said yes.  

Most of the time, these God-Invitations start out small. In other words, the mission is something I think is possible in my small mind. God doesn’t work that way. He likes to do things in a very big way. I think he gets a real kick out of hearing people say “Wow!” All of history is God working out his plan of redemption for lost people.

We are going to have eight Crusades at different locations. My guess is they will be in what would look to us like a cow pasture. We will worship and praise the Lord. We will preach the gospel and invite people to make Jesus Christ the Lord of their life. We will watch soccer matches and volleyball matches. Together with the Ugandan people, we are going to have a celebration of life and great joy. 

Maggi tells me that nothing like this has every happened in the Mukono District. She says the entire region is so excited. Two cultures are coming together to learn about each other and have fun together. Lives will be changed. 

My prayer is that we make disciples of Jesus that can carry the gospel to people or villages that have never heard the name of Jesus Christ and are saved.

God’s ultimate purpose for creating this world was for the human race to worship him. He wants every person to be part of his family. Our mandate is to co-labor with Jesus Christ to fulfill this mission—to evangelize the world. 

Watch for our blogs—we will try to share with you how God works each day.

Please pray for us. Prayer is what activates “Holy” to go into action in supernatural ways. I would greatly appreciate that.

Again, thank you for all who donated to Mission Uganda to make this possible.

Blessings & Shalom,