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It is Sunday morning. Very early, and it is raining outside. My town is asleep, waiting to do their Sunday activities. Many will go to church later today because that is what we do in this little Dutch town. 

Many are very excited about last night’s basketball games to determine the Final Four. Many are just happy they have another day off from work. In this country life goes on. For most in this country, their main concern is if they have the latest technology or are part of the latest fad. They have an urge to buy the newest toy which they hope can fulfill their need for happiness and contentment. But to be honest, these things will never fill the void that is in their heart and soul.

I have different problem. All I can think about is the needs and problems in Uganda. I think about all the souls that have never heard the gospel message of Jesus Christ. I can’t get out of my mind the fact that all those kids I see in Africa are wondering where their next meal or cup of water is coming from. When it rains, like it is doing here in Pella, Iowa this morning, I think about the dirt floors they are sleeping on and if it has turned to mud. I think about the kids that are suffering from malaria and cholera and have no medicine or a doctor to see. I think of the orphans that are all alone and have no hope for the future.

I then think about what Jesus said in Matthew 25: 31-46, and I am consumed with how can I do more!

I am going back to Uganda in August. 

The team roster that is going is almost completed. Margaret’s team and Golden Heart Foundation are making all the plans for this mission in Uganda.

I must raise $40,000.00 to fund this mission. Every dollar you give goes to buy porridge, math sets, and the necessary cost to fund this mission with soccer tournaments, the main bridge to sharing the gospel. This has become an amazing cross-culture mission strategy. It is a method to bring thousands of people together to watch their kids play soccer and socialize with people they normally wouldn’t. If you watch some of the videos we will post, you can see the joy on their faces. 

Mission Uganda and Golden Heart are bringing hope to these people. Hope comes when they feel that someone cares about them and their desperate situation.

Please partner with us. With your prayers and donations, we literally can change the world. We also can make God smile.