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Today I get to share a story that brings so much joy to my heart that I cannot stop crying.  Actually I am going to share two stories.

The first story is told to us in Acts 12:6–​10.

King Herod had put the Apostle Peter in prison.Right after the celebration of the Unleavened Bread, Herod was going to have him executed.

On the night before his scheduled execution an angel came into the prison and set Peter free. It was a miracle. A light came into that dark prison and set Peter free.

The second story is about Florence Else. I wrote a blog earlier about her story.

This little eight-year-old girl came into our lives on March 28. We all went into prayer for this little child. She lived a life of hell that I cannot imagine.

When she was four years old, her mother abandoned her. Her father told the village that she was demon possessed, and he also abandoned her.

For four years, she slept outside in the bushes. She had no home to go to, and no one took her in.

She would dig through the rubbish pile to find food.

Men in the village took turns raping her, believing that this evil act would make the demons come out.

She was completely rejected, lonely, living in fear of rape everyday, and not knowing if she would find anything to eat. Can we even come close to imagining this hell she was living in?

I am learning the that the real Gospel message is watching God in action. God sent an angel to Florence’s village. This angel’s name was Margaret Nakavubu.

A lady brought Florence to Maggi. Maggi has seen so much tragedy in her country of Uganda but this case shocked even her. How could anyone treat a little girl like this?

Maggi went to the village clan leader and asked permission to take Florence, and this man said yes. Maggi took her to the hospital. Florence was suffered from a head wound (I don’t know what happened), she had tuberculosis, and she was severely malnourished.

They took blood samples and sent them off to be tested for HIV. We all went into prayer that by a miracle she would not be infected with AIDS.

About a week ago our prayers were answered, and Florence did not test positive for AIDS!

Yesterday, we got the news that little Florence is out of the hospital and is now part of the Nakavubu Orphanage.

I honestly wondered if this little girl would ever smile again. With all the trauma she went through, how much damage would there be?

When I saw the picture of her standing in front of the Engbers House smiling, I could not stop crying.

Just think:

  • She now has a beautiful bed to sleep in, with blankets and a pillow in a bedroom with other kids around her.
  • She now has three meals a day and no longer has to hunt for food.
  • She now has clean clothes and can take a bath.
  • She has a whole family of kids to play with, and Maggi reports that the other kids have accepted her and love her.

Maggi told me yesterday that Florence doesn’t speak any language, only baby gibberish.

She now has a couple here in Pella, IA who have committed to being her sponsor until she is 18 years old, paying for her living expenses and schooling.

Truly, God went into action and rescued Florence from a living hell.

We are all living in a historical period called the COVID-19 pandemic. For some, there is great fear of the unknown. Maybe some are asking the question, “why is God allowing this to happen?”

We live in a broken world because of sin. In Romans 8, God tells us that the whole earth is groaning because of the pain of sin.

There is a war going on between Good and Evil.

My two stories tell the history of how Satan the Devil is on the side of destroying God’s creation.

My story also tells the history of observing God at work, and I am here to tell you the battle is won!

Our battle weapon is prayer. God hears our prayers. This story of Florence gives me so much hope and joy and demonstrates the fact that God is truly alive and cares about even a little girl named Florence.

I pray that all of you turn to God during these very scary and unsettled times, and never lose hope that God is in control and that all things turn to good for those who love God.

Blessings to you all,