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About ten years ago I was on a mission trip in the city of Kaluga, Russia. On this trip I met a wonderful couple named Dave and Marilyn Kenaga. We stayed up late one night telling the God stories of our life. We become close friends. We returned to the US, and God took our journeys down separate roads.

I reconnected with Dave about a month ago and shared with Dave my passion for Mission Uganda. After hearing my story, Dave suggested I show the Jesus Film at these rallies. I witnessed the impact the Jesus Film had in Russia. Many souls accepted Christ after watching the Jesus Film.

I talked to Margaret in Uganda. She was overjoyed with this news. Now at fourteen rallies, we will be showing the Jesus Film on the side of a building or a white sheet. At some of the rally locations, we will have to set up a generator to run the projector. Margaret says most people have never seen anything in color, much less a movie, and never in their own Luganda dialect. Margaret says the crowds will be massive and many souls will come to Christ.

Get out of your boat, focus on Jesus and walk on water

This is the point of the story. The secret is to just say yes when God invites you to help Him work out His plans. This means you have to get out of your boat, focus your eyes on Jesus and walk on water. In other words, you have to give up control, trust Him in faith, and do things that are scary and new. The word picture I like is this: I had to surrender the keys of my car (life) to Jesus and let Him drive. I got in the back seat and am on this journey watching the plan unfold. I think Jesus switched with Holy and let me tell you, Holy is a crazy driver!

I call this story connections because of all the people I have met on this trip which God is using to unveil my story. If I had not said yes to God’s invitation to Russia, I would not have met Dave. I also met Gary in Russia, and he is the one God used to invite me to Africa. If I had not accepted God’s invitation to Uganda, I would not have met Margaret. Without all these connections, there would be no Mission Uganda.

Listen to God’s voice and say “Yes” when He invites you

I really want to encourage everyone to listen to God’s voice and say yes when He invites you. You will experience the most wonderful adventure ever in the Kingdom of God! God’s story just keeps on rolling. They ( Papa, Jesus, and Holy) are truly amazing! My guess they are getting a chuckle out of watching the plan unfold.

“It is no longer I who live, but Christ in me.” Galatians 2:20