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I leave for Uganda in two weeks. Margaret’s team in Uganda has been working so hard to prepare for the mission. We are going to have 8 crusades where we will have praise and worship, share the Good News, and the wonderful sport of soccer to bring us all together. 

Hundreds of 100 pound bags of porridge have been prepared to hand out to the schools, so every student as something to eat at lunch time.

I have to tell you, Uganda is my passion. I think about this mission almost 24/7. The things that the world seems to focus on seem very insignificant to me.   

It seems like my mind is constantly on these things: soccer, math sets, uniforms, and porridge.

When I share with people about this mission, most of the emphasis is on the great humanitarian need in Uganda. I tell heart breaking stories of the extent of the poverty and the conditions these people live in. Obviously, I am trying to pull on people’s heart strings so that they will consider giving to our mission. Without a doubt, I am telling the truth. Without a doubt, my heart goes out to these people living in extreme poverty.

But, what should be the main purpose of this mission?
Is it just a way to express our love for the poor?

I want to tell you again, this mission was not my idea. It was totally God’s idea, and he invited me to join him as his co-worker. My goal in life is to go where God is working. By doing this, I have found great joy and abundant life. 

I am taking a class on Monday nights called “Perspectives.” To prepare for this class, I have a lot of homework and a great deal of reading. One of the articles I read this week was by Tim Dearborn, and some things that he said have really impacted me. Tim says “that sometimes we’ve inadequately represented mission in our well-intentioned promotional and fund-raising activities.” He goes on to say, “we’ve perfected the art of portraying truly heart-rending stories, and providing people with pictures and descriptions of real crises, needs and disasters.”

I am guilty! Yes, I tell people that the humanitarian aid we are bringing is the bridge to the gospel. I believe that. But I feel I have forgotten the real purpose of why God called me to do this work.

I want to give you a quote from John Piper:

“Worship is the fuel and goal of missions. The deepest reason why our passion for God should fuel missions is that God’s passion for God fuels missions. In other words, God wants our worship and wants us to live lives that glorify his name.  God wants us to go to the ends of the earth [and for me that is Africa] and share God’s Missionary Plan of Salvation which is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, so that all nations and all people can glorify His name and live lives of worship to him. God craves our worship.”

John Piper

So, this is the reason behind Mission Uganda.  I am going to quote Tim Dearborn:

“God desires that we be living signs of the kingdom, to provide visual aids of what life will look like one day when the Kingdom is fully here.  We will not bring the kingdom or build the kingdom, but our privilege is to live out previews of ‘coming attractions,’ revealing what this kingdom will look like.”

Tim Dearborn

What an honor it is to be called to be a co-labor with God to fulfill his ultimate purpose!