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I write to you this morning with a very heavy heart. I have to admit, we are living in scary times. A virus has almost shut down the world, and we all live in some form of fear of the unknown. Then I hear this story. Let me share it with you.

Yesterday, Mother Margaret Theresa wrote to me that she had one of the worst days of her life. I asked her, “What happened—what’s wrong?”

She then told me this story.

Maggi went to the village to check on the grandmother of some kids (Derick, Imelda and Paddy) we have taken into our orphanage. A woman came to her to share the situation of a little girl.

Brace yourself. It is a horror story of a child’s life.

Her name is Florence Elsa. She is eight years old. Her mother abandoned her when she was 3 years, and her father has rejected her. He said she was demon possessed and threw her out.

Her father made the community believe that she was demon possessed, and the community performed rituals on her.

Men raped this little girl repeatedly, believing that this ritual would get rid of their own demons. Others went to sorcerers who told them to sleep with that girl in order to get riches.

For four years, this little girl scrounged through rubbish heaps to find food and slept in the bush, exposed to sun and rain.

Maggi went to the local council leader (that is like the head of the clan), and received permission to take this little girl to find help.

She called a friend who is a psychiatrist to help Florence get into a hospital.

At the psychiatric hospital, they said she was severally malnourished and sick.

After observation at the hospital, they found that Florence is in very bad condition. She is starving and needs proper nutrition.

She has an acute case of Tuberculosis.

The gynecologist reports that her private parts have been severely damaged by all the rapes.

They believe that this little girl is not mentally insane like the villagers believed but tormented from all that has happened to her.

Maggi says that with proper nutrition and care she can recover.

What a heart wrenching story.

I am in tears as I write this story. I also realize that this is the reality for thousands of kids around the world.

Let’s see what we can do to help this little one and many others.

I don’t what God’s plan is for Florence, but I could easily imagine her being brought into Mother Margaret’s growing orphanage.

Please pray for Florence and all the kids around the world that are suffering.