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Greetings from Uganda.

This blog comes with a warning. We had an amazing day, so I believe you are going to ave to buckle in.

If you recall, I wrote about an elderly woman with three young children. My wife Kathy and I have decided to make sure they have the resources they need to live. It is like we now have three grandchildren in Uganda. Their names are Bob, Helen and Florence. These children have been removed from their home that had 15 children in it, and Helen and Florence had their first day in their new school.

At breakfast this morning, Dennis shared with us something we were unaware of. He told us how he had approached a lady he didn’t know, and asked her to hold her corn crop so it could be used for porridge. Dennis asked her to do this when he had no idea if Mission Uganda would come up with the finances to purchase the crop. The reason he asked was to make sure they had the best quality corn they could receive, as well as cutting out the middle men who only drive the price up. He shared he knew it sounded crazy, but he had faith God would provide.

Let’s say this from my perspective. It would be like me selling my entire corn crop to someone I do not know, for a contracted price, but with no guarantee they can acquire the finances to buy my crop. And do all this on a handshake. This makes no sense in our world, but she agreed to do it anyway.

So now they have a fresh crop of corn, contracted for a low price from one person. She not only had to trust Dennis concerning the funds, but Dennis asked her not to put any insecticide on the corn after harvest to prevent insects. This lady could have ended up with a crop that had little to no value if Mission Uganda didn’t come up with the cash to buy her crop.

Prase the Lord that was not the case, and thanks to all of you for your support for Mission Uganda. Because you supported this cause, Dennis and Margaret were able to purchase 750 bags of porridge. If they had gone through the local market to buy the porridge, Dennis said they probably would have had only 200 bags.

Also, Mesach, one of Margaret’s team members, spend three days and nights at the mill that ground the crop to make sure that each bag was weighed and counted. They didn’t want anyone skimming some of the porridge off, so it was his job to keep the owner of the mill honest. Then he loaded all the bags on a truck and hauled them to a secure storage facility. What dedication!

Now, if all that is not enough, God added another twist to this story. The lady who risked her corn crop also stepped out in faith to take on three orphaned children. She had no idea how she was going to provide for them, but she knew in her heart she had to take them in. And yes, you are correct. The three children she took in are Bob, Helen and Florence. Our team had no idea this was taking place until we started talking about it during devotions this morning.

That’s what I call full-circle God stories. The woman received a fair price for her corn crop. Mission Uganda received fresh, insecticide free corn to make into porridge. Bob, Helen and Florence are assured good care and education. Plus, I have three new grandchildren! I call that a win/win/win.

We had another great day today. We ministered to 29 schools at five different rallies. We saw so many wonderful ways that God is touching these children’s lives and drawing their hearts to Himself. It can be very intense at times. I am not sure that after five more days of this I will be worth a hoot for months to come. Wait, I’m not normally worth a hoot on a good day…

I need some sleep.