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Matthew 18:1-6 was our devotional passage this morning. We have loved on thousands of children in the past eight days. How gratifying it is to know that we are making a difference and welcoming children into a serving knowledge of Jesus Christ! I found out that my tree is being hijacked by Collin today. Oh well; I guess I will learn to share.

Collin got in deep trouble today. He climbed the water tower and stood on top with his arms spread wide. It unnerved Dennis to say the least, and Collin quickly descended to keep Dennis from suffering a heart attack.

Our school visits have been completed, so we are down to two soccer matches. Our match today drew a very large crowd. We were able to present the gospel before things got a little testy. One of the teams became unruly with the referee’s call in the previous match. Maggi took charge and sent the unruly team home with their tails between their legs. It was a good ending to a potentially bad situation.

Ashley had a boda-boda ride and is a rising star in Uganda. Everyone wants to be around the princess. Nuper is back in full form and up to his normal self. While the women did some shopping before the match, he and I went with Noah for a mocha.

Tomorrow will be a big day. We are going to visit Ashley‘s girl and GeorgAnn’s children in the morning, and then we will have our final soccer match tomorrow afternoon. I will get an estimate from Maggie on the total number of people touched after the match tomorrow. It is bittersweet as our days become numbered, but we feel true satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Lifetime friendships have been established with a strong tie that binds us.

Mukama Akuwe Omukisa,