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Greetings from Uganda!

We had another great day here in Uganda. It began with our time together around the table for devotions. We usually sing a couple of songs and talk about how God has been speaking to us.

The entire team has been healthy thus far, which is  blessing. Katie and Lisa were a little stuffed up this morning, but Betty made a Ugandan home remedy, which made them feel a lot better.

We had another day of wonderful food. My weight loss program is still on hold. It has been a slow go thus far, but I feel a major loss coming on in the home stretch. I will say my faith in Dennis’ philosophy that says we can eat all we want and not gain weight is fading.

We went to two different church services today. Dennis, Bob and I attended New Life Pentecostal Church, and Nuper, Lisa, Katie and Margaret went to New Life Victory Church. The services last around 2½ hours, but time goes by so quickly. It was such a blessing for us to be able to share the message and communion with these churches. To share communion with people that are so happy to see us is hard to put into words. The other group reported that they had a great time worshiping as well. They said it was amazing to see the joy these people have even though the building they meet in only has half a roof, and one of the sides is open as well. They are hoping to do more construction as they continue to try to collect more money for their building.

Everyday we are overwhelmed with the graciousness and dedication of these people. Each member is expected to tithe the first fruits of their crops for the good of the community. They also give an offering above the tithe, which might be beans, bread or other produce they may have. They have so very little, but give with a joyful heart. This was also evident when we were getting ready to leave. The pastor insisted we have a bottle of water before we go. The problem with this is a bottle of water is a full meal. We sat down to rice, avocado, beef and pineapple for dessert. They sere us their best, while they eat porridge.

After church Dennis showed us all the different produce in the trees around the church. We saw cocoa, maize, coffee, mangos, pawa pawa, jackfruit, casava, goats and chicken. We also saw a Ugandan hog confinement, which is a pig tied to a tree. It is amazing how they utilize every inch of space in order to survive.

 We had a great day of rest today. It sounds like we are going to need it. This coming week, our goal will be to hand out the rest of the math sets and porridge. It is going to be a challenge, since we have 12,000 math sets left and 545 bags of porridge.

Please pray for strength and perserverence for the team, as well as good weather and roads for our travel.

We will do our best.