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Devotions, Drums, and Dancing

Is it possible to have a bad day in Uganda? If so, we haven’t found it yet.

I had a beautiful time by the tree this morning. There was nothing in particular, just a great commune. Betty continues to provide us with food fit for a king. There have been fewer “Sabalongo” fat jokes every day. There were none today. I love it when a plan comes together!

Nuper is accusing me of something which I will neither confirm nor deny. Nuper sleeps with his mouth wide open, so I’m just saying this could be a possibility. He accused me of sabotage. He claims I put 10 drops of tapwater on his lips as he slept. You guessed it, he woke up this morning with Montezuma‘s Revenge.

Now, calculations are, if Nuper goes down, the Sabalongo takes over. My dream is a full day of no Sabalongo put-downs in front of thousands. Today was that day! I had full reign to manage the team as I saw fit. With Nuper down, I moved front and center. Perfect day!

We had extra large schools today. Many hearts were touched, and seeds were sown. Collin had a great idea of doing a foot washing, which worked out great. It never ceases to amaze when God uses team members to come up with new ideas to touch souls.

Once again, Val‘s beautiful voice was such an inspiration. GeorgAnn and Ashley continue to love on kids at every stop. Ervin became Val’s bodyguard as I spoke, which the kids thought was pretty funny. I also had an opportunity to speak to a number of adults, and I pray it made an impact.

African children love to dance and sing, and “Allelu, Allelu, Hallelujah, Praise ye the Lord” has become a great hit. God continues to move as we work our way across Uganda. Nothing fills the soul more than witnessing Christ as we obey.

Well, if I would have had any part in causing Nuper’s unfortunate day (which I still won’t say one way or the other), I sure hope 10 drops was the perfect amount for one day only so he can be back to full strength tomorrow. I’m exhausted!

Mukama Akuwe Omukisa