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Greetings from Uganda.

It was a beautiful day in Uganda. Since there was not school today, we did not have to attend any rallies. We started our day once again with devotions and worship. This has become a vital staple to our days, which has created a kindred spirit in our team and comfort as we come before God.

We spent the day traveling to see the source of the Nile River and enjoyed the beautiful countryside. Lush green hills with abundant crops everywhere you look. What is so hard to image for us, is that all the labor to plant and harvest those crops is done by hand, one plant at a time.

Once we arrived at the source of the Nile River, we took a short boat ride where we saw many beautiful birds along the bank. The boat ride ended with lunch along the shore, where we enjoyed a whole tilapia—bones and head included! It was delicious. I feel my weight transformation may be on hold for one more day.

When we arrived home, I could smell dinner being prepared, so I wen to the kitchen to thank Betty for all the cooking she has done. I told her that with all the god food she has been making I am going to get fat. She responded, “you are already fat.” I believe all the attention I am getting by being a “sabalongo” is causing everyone to turn on me. So far, Lisa and Katie have restrained themselves from joining the crowd.

We are planning to split up our team so we can attend two different church services tomorrow. Attending church is such a unique experience because no one is concerned about the time. The service can easily last three hours. The day will probably be both intense—the worship service—but also relaxing, because we do not have a schedule to keep so we can relax.

It felt really good to have a slower day today because we all need some extra rest after a full week of rallies. Margaret expressed next week will be busier than the past week, because we have many schools to go see yet. Please pray that the Spirit prepares us all in a special way for what is to come next week.

Thanks for all your prayers and support.