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Greetings from Uganda!

As we traveled to one of our sites today, we were commenting on the poverty we continually passed by. Dennis pointed out a house and said the people living there were very poor. The team was all wondering how he defined “poor,” because everyone looks penniless. Dennis explained his definition of “poor” was they had not accepted Christ as Lord and Savior. What an awesome way to define status!

Compared to our world back in the States, it would seem that everyone here has little to nothing. It is difficult to put into words what we see as we travel between sites. It is hard for us to wrap our minds around how a lot of these people live, and what we take for granted.

The joy flowing from their spirits is unbelievable.

Lisa shard the Gospel at one of the rallies today, and did a wonderful job sharing the Good News. She used one of the math sets we have been handing out to illustrate what Jesus has done for them by dying on the cross. We can only image how the Holy Spirit will continue to use this in the children’s lives. Lisa may claim not to have the gift of speaking, but she is doing a wonderful job!

We has a smaller schedule today, only visiting two sites, with seventeen schools in attendance. But there was no shortness of being blessed. At one of the sites, a Muslim school was in attendance, and many of their children accepted Jesus into their lives. It is nearly impossible for me to even begin to describe the emotions that ebb and flow every waking hour. Our days seem to flash by.

Evidently, my Ugandan weight loss program hasn’t kicked in yet, as Nuper has begun making my belly the brunt of his jokes. He tells the kids I could go many days without porridge, which always draws a large laugh from the crowd. He will only be able to use that joke for a couple more days as I feel a weight loss break through is coming.

One of our afternoon snacks consisted of roasted grasshoppers. I give you all permission to begin collecting grasshoppers back in the States. It was surprising to the team how tasty they were.

I cannot say the same about the porridge I tried yesterday.

Ugandan hospitality demands you feed people when they come to your place, so we were greeted with porridge at a stop. Thanks, but no thanks.

Since we had fewer stops today, we were back to the house a little earlier, but we are looking forward to some good fellowship and worship before dinner.

Until tomorrow,