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Life in the jungle. It was another beautiful day in Uganda. As I prayed by my tree this morning, God gave me the words, “new beginning.” Turns out, it was very fitting. We had amazing devotions again this morning. The team continues to mesh and grow closer with each passing day. We share snippets of our lives, laugh together, cry together, worship together, and pray together. God moments are everywhere.

Every day brings new adventures.

Housekeeping—Ashley and Georgann can actually carry a bag of porridge for quite some distance. Nuper, on the other hand, not so much. Not to be outdone by the girls, Nuper attempted a carry. Halfway was as far as he could get. Let’s say for a moment there was a distinct possibility that 140 children would be starving as a result of Nuper’s hotdogging. It all ended well as the bag of porridge hit the ground, but didn’t split. There was only one fat joke today. Maggie says I am shrinking. I had some awesome dance moves in front of about 3,000 people!

At our first stop, Ashley had a heart moment when a small girl approached her with the saddest story you could imagine. Jury is out on the results. We visited a poor school wrecked with sadness; many orphans and helpless children. Several members of the team are contemplating action steps.

On the way back to the school, we stopped at a hut with 12 children, a crippled grandmother, and a grandfather dying of prostate cancer. All of the children’s parents are dead. Georgann felt a calling and committed to bringing three of the children to the Engbers Orphanage. These kids have no idea how amazingly their lives have just been changed. Praise God! Many new beginnings today!

Even having been here before, I still am overwhelmed as I watch the suffering of these poor children. It is absolutely not their doing, but unfortunately it is their lot in life. I would say that the team is now officially family. We are bound together by the events we are experiencing every day. It is late, and another big day lies ahead. Thank you to each of you for your prayers. Speak to you tomorrow.

Mukama Akuwe Omukisa