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Greetings from Uganda.

This was a great day. We visited six sites where 37 schools showed up to attend the rallies. Some of the highlights have been how the team is having such a great time together. We have video footage of Katie playing net ball with some of the kids and losing badly. A highlight for Lisa was at our seconded stop there were children dancing on the table. Heaven will be filled with joy. It was such a blessing to hear 300 children sing “Jesus Loves Me” with all their heart. It is so humbling to see God work each day. One of the ways was to watch God bring over 200 people into his family today.

To God be all the glory.

We never tire of watching the children be so excited. When they see us coming you would think they were being offered the biggest treat of their lives, and they probably are.

Nuper and I had the same God moment today. In my first blog I talked of the 90 year old Grandmother with three children. We could not believe it when she showed up at the last rally today with her children. We discovered she is not 90 but 56 years old and is dying from HIV. Several of her children have died so she is caring for 15 grandchildren by herself. They live in a 10 X 15 hut. One of the children is laying in the corner and dying from paralysis. Even as we stood by this home it is difficult to understand how this grandmother is managing all of this in such terrible conditions.

It was a blessing that a pastor at the last rally made sure she brought a bag of porridge to this home. They had made some porridge for us there as well so we all were able to try some, which was nice since we all have been talking about it for so long.

I spoke at the last rally where I spotted the grandmother in the crowd holding baby Bob. After I saw her my entire talk changed. I went to the grandmother and took baby Bob in my arms and spent the next 20 minutes explaining to the children how they could be held in the arms of Jesus, just like I was holding baby Bob. I was so blessed to be able to share that message.

Kathy, get the baby room ready because I am not sure what is going to happen by the time we have to go home. This trip is more than I could ever have imagined in my wildest dreams.

See you all tomorrow.