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Greetings from Uganda.

This morning I was digging in my suitcase and discovered two paper fish cutouts that said, “love you Papa.” It was so fitting, because this morning we looked at Mark 6 where Jesus uses the five loaves and two fish. We concluded that the two fish in my suitcase fit very well, since the team is the five loaves God is using to feed thousands of Ugandan children.

How great is our God!

To those of you who know me, you know my motto is to gloat while I can. I am a legend n Uganda. I am a sabalongo. Because of this fact, I am welcomed everywhere with a head tilt, handshake and a loud SABALONGO! See what you find when you look this word up.

We went to five different places again today, where we served 33 different schools. It was an amazing day! We witness the Holy Spirit touch many children as they raise their hands to accept Jesus and become a follower of Him. It has been such a blessing to watch each team member take a turn sharing the gospel at the different sites. It is such a testimony to the priesthood of all believers.

As we traveled to the different sites today, we saw some new scenery. Everything is so green—not exactly how you imagine Africa. Today we went up some hills and were able to see the beauty of the valleys stretched out below us, along with rolling hills covered in sugar cane.

God has made Uganda so beautiful

There should be more photos and videos coming soon to the web page. Technology is such a blessing on trips like this.

I am still blown away by the joy and excitement that these children pour out as we approach their schools. This is very difficult to put into words. Today—another day of following the Holy Spirit here in Uganda. Tomorrow will be a busy day, since we are going to six different sites, versus the five we did today.

I will sign off now. Please keep praying for us as we share the good news of Jesus.

man with two sets of twins