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Greetings from Uganda. This has been a day filled with many blessings once again. Still some spotty rain, which makes travel a bit treacherous.

Today we visited five sites, where a total of seventeen schools had gathered. Our day begins at 6:30 with worship, devotions and prayer. This has become a very special time for the team, as we have such wonderful fellowship. After a time of prayer, we are more than excited to hit the road. As expected, emotions are all over the place.

I have never seen such poverty and hopelessness in my entire life. The part that amazes me is the smiles and excitement the kids have when we pull into a school yard. Margret and Dennis are truly the real deal and are very committed to these children. I don’t see how they keep their spirits up other than having a deep faith and walk with God.

At our first stop, we were under a tree preparing the math sets when it began to sprinkle—or so we thought. Lisa saw something hit the ground and looked to see that it was a baby bird. We looked up to see a tree filled with nests. Needless to say, it wasn’t raining, and we moved along quickly.

Other than the hard stories of abandoned or orphaned children, we had a great day. As Nuper would say, “We put a lot of hay in the barn today.” We truly feel this is where we are supposed to be.

Please continue to pray for the team as what we are seeing absolutely breaks our hearts. We in America are so blessed. There are so many children that would give anything for the scraps we throw away every night.

We experienced goat and rice tonight for dinner, which was delicious. We are being fed like kings. Dennis said we can eat as much as we want, and he will guarantee we won’t gain any weight. I guess time will tell.

God bless you all and thanks for all your prayers. It has been a blessing to join God in what He is doing here in Uganda.

Mukama yebazibwe
(Praise the Lord in Luganda)