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I can only say that today was truly a wild adventure! We trekked out to the farthest village today, which took about two hours of road time. The best way I can describe Ugandan roads is take Iowa’s worst level B service road, and hit it with a chisel plow. Two foot ruts wherever you turn.

We finally made it to the school, and were once again blessed by the beautiful eyes of several hundred children. As Katie expressed, if a child’s eyes are the window to their heart, it is overwhelming to witness the joy, happiness, love and excitement that shines through the eyes of these children.

Bob and I presented the messages today, which was a bit nerve-racking for me, but I made it through. Bob had the crowd doing the universal scream of praise. What a joy once again to distribute math sets and porridge to these deserving kids.

While we were at this school—the farthest point away from home—we were “blessed” with over an inch of rain. We didn’t make it out of the driveway, and we were stuck. We headed to the next school without much hope of arriving safely.

Thanks to the prayers of Lisa and Kate, we did arrive at our next destination. We again brought the Word of God, and distributed porridge and math sets. Along with the distribution of gifts, we estimated that between 75–100 people gave their lie to Jesus. Although Satan tried to distract us, Christ prevailed, and we had another great day in Uganda.

Praise the Lord!