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How do I begin? I am feeling somewhat lost today with no schools or soccer tournaments.

Maggie decided to take us to a national park to view some natural wonders of Africa. What was supposed to be a five hour trip turned into eight. We crossed the equator and placed one foot on each side.

Just because we don’t have any schools to visit doesn’t mean our camaraderie ends. We have come to embrace each other as family, and we have an absolutely amazing time together. It is completely God’s doing, bringing seven people (most of whom didn’t know each other a few months ago) together to the point where we are practically family.

Tomorrow’s blog will be written by each member of the team sharing some thoughts, then I will conclude.

I had a Sabalongo moment only once today. It was almost dark tonight when our bus fell off of a slippery road. I was in the front and the bus broke out into cheers of, “Sabalongo!” as I moved to the rear of the bus for ballast. You guessed it, Sabalongo saved the day!

It is late, so I will ask you to give me some grace tonight, and I will catch you up tomorrow.

Mukama Akuwe Omukisa