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Greetings from Uganda.

The team is clicking on all six cylinders. The five team members and Jesus. As Nuper would put it, “we put a lot of hay in the barn today.” This is a busier week because of the higher number of schools to see. And God is touching many hearts for His Kingdom, which has to make Satan mad.

We all really enjoy starting the day together with devotions. Someone has a Bible verse or something God has put on their heart, which always brings good discussion. We also love singing a song or two. This morning we talked about old hymns, so we sang “Blessed Assurance.” if you odn’t know the lyrics to this song, it would be worth looking them up. What a great way to hit the road for the day with this song ringing in our heads.

We had a major upgrade for the women, as far as restrooms go. All the schools have are outhouses, and although some are better than others, non of them are anywhere close to what we are familiar with. It is basically a cement floor with a small hole in it. Sitting is not an option. So, after listening to the women whine for the past nine days, we broke down and bought them a bright orange bucket. They were both thrilled, but I don’t believe either of them have put it to use yet—it might have something to do with the fact that it is probably a two-gallon bucket and doesn’t look very sturdy.

The men are not having any problems for some reason. Rough and tough is a phrase we say here a lot, although I am not sure that fits when the team watches Nuper and I walk to the restroom together and then talk about the good conversations we have as we empty our bladders. Bob says he is fine with being left out of our restroom clique.

I am happy to report that Lisa and Katie no longer think my pants make my butt look big. Nuper’s weight jokes at my expense are coming to a close.

We had another day of watching God work wherever we went. We shared the good news of Jesus with 50 schools today. It is difficult to put into words what it is like to watch God touch these children’s hearts, and at times even a few from the Muslim schools.

If you seen any of our photos, you will see the joy in these children is endless. At each stop we make, this phrase is known by all the children. We say, “God is good,” and they reply with, “all the time.” We echo, “all the time,” and they say, “God is good, and tha’s His nature, WOW.”

We only have three days left of traveling to these sites for the rallies. Where has all the time gone? We have been having so much fun as we join God in His work in the kingdom. As we left the last site today, Katie’s tear-filled eyes told the entire story—this has been so touching, yet so satisfying.

Until tomorrow,