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The bags are packed and ready, goodbye wishes received from grandbabies, team prayer meetings complete and the day has finally arrived.

As I opened my Bible this morning James 4:10 stands out. “Humble yourselves before God and He will lift you up.” How fitting as we as a team prepare to enter into the realm of rock star. The Ugandan people we are about to witness to look at us as rock stars. My prayer it that the team will humble themselves before God and allow Him to lift us up, as we proclaim his message of salvation to thousands.

Nuper Nunnikoven, Georganne Talsma, Ashley Smith, Ervin and Val Van Wyk, Collin Barnes and this Sabalongo are about to put some hay in the barn. I cannot imagine a fuller heart.

As we have met as a team, God has been filling my heart to the max. I have now put the cap on and in 30 hours or so will begin spilling the content of that full heart to the masses.

Thanks to each of you for your support and prayers.

My phone began dinging at 5:12 this morning with assurances of prayer. Right now emotions are running high. I will soon see Kathy and my kids for the first time, will witness the mill in operation that a year ago was only a dream and give hugs to Maggie and her team upon arrival in Uganda.

As Nuper and I discussed late last week, the preparation journey has taken our full attention. Now we need to put that aside and make the main thing the main thing. The spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Nothing else matters as we witness hundreds—if not thousands—give their lives to Jesus. My weight loss efforts have failed, so once again I will be the brunt of Nuper’s “fat guy” jokes. The plane ride will be brutal but the end result will be amazing.

To God be all the glory as we move forward in this journey. My next pen will be from Uganda.