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In Uganda, there is an epidemic which hits the most vulnerable in society hardest—being orphaned. Uganda is suffering from a rampant HIV epidemic. In the Mukono District alone, with a population of around 600,000 people, 56% of the population is under the age of 18 (roughly 336,000) and 27% of those under 18 are orphans (about 91,000 kids). 

Everywhere we go, we see grandmas and grandpas raising their grandchildren. 

I have taken two teams to the Mukono District in the past year, and when the team members watched this video, it touched us very deeply.  As Aaron Groves puts it, “we were wrecked.”

The video lets you witness vividly the living conditions of these orphans. Please take the time to watch the video.

Can you imagine being a grandma and trying to feed and care for 24 kids in a 10’x 20’ house?

Can you imagine being a little boy like David, and being told you can no longer attend school because the fees have not been paid?

Harriet Nambowa welcomed us into her home to witness her situation. By the grace of God, three of her grandchildren now have hope for a better life. Harriet realizes that education will help her grandchildren lead a purpose-driven life. Her expectations of her kids to change their future and that of their nation and the world really impacted me. 

Little David is one of three children that Bryce Engbers from Sully, Iowa sponsors. David knows that with Bryce’s loving compassion and support, he has a bright future.  David said, “I am an inspiration to others, and I give them hope.”

Mission Uganda is making a difference, but the need in Uganda is vast. I often refer to Margaret Nakavubu as “the Mother Teresa of Uganda.” Her love for these kids is amazing, but she needs our help.

Mission Uganda is taking another team to Uganda in early August. We are going to continue distributing math sets, porridge, and uniforms, and again unify communities, tribes and families for soccer tournaments. I need your help and support to make this next journey. 100% of your donations go to the needs of the people of Uganda. 

Your generous support makes a difference in changing lives and giving them hope. Please consider sponsoring a child and changing their future. 

I look forward to hearing from you.