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Good evening to all our family and friends back home. I see it’s a little cold back home. I won’t say what the temp is here cause we don’t need you mad at our weather 😊 We need you to keep up the prayers because we all feel them.

Today we spent our devotion time devoted to prayer. So much is happening in all our lives that we made the decision to spend that time praying. We serve a mighty God, and we, as Christians, know that when we face trials in our life, we need to go to our mighty God to see us through our storms in life. Sometimes in life unthinkable thing happen and if we did not have God on our side how would we ever get through it. The Holy Spirit was working, I can tell you that!

Our visits at the schools today were just out of the park again. Good ol’ Nuper decided to be a comic today. He tells the kids that he and another member of the team had been arguing all morning about who is better looking. Next thing I know he is introducing me, lol. So Nuper and I are standing in front of all these wonderful children, and he asks them to vote, didn’t I just say how wonderful these kids are 😁😁 At the end of the morning, the score was Joel 2 Nuper 0 and for the record we visited 3 schools!

These kids are just yearning to hear the stories of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The looks on the faces of the teachers when they see the bags of porridge is unexplainable. As Nuper says at each school, “our team wants these kids to have full tummies at school so they can listen and learn instead of thinking about how hungry they are.”

The afternoon was exciting again as well. I believe in one of my other blogs I mentioned what a great job Josephat does driving, and that I would never doubt him on how he knew where he was going. Well, today we were driving for a very, very long time, and I don’t think too much about it. Then I notice we stopped, and Josephat is talking to someone. Now I don’t think too much about until the 5th time, now we’re like yup, we’re going to be late to the final soccer pitch. We arrived a little late, but we made it!

Nuper asked me to give the message, he told me he had vision of me experiencing my younger days when our team won state in football. I had complete calmness and didn’t know exactly what I was going to say, but I just handed it over God and asked that he would allow me to just speak from the heart. One of the most humbling experiences I have ever had.

The match was another burner again as it went into OT. One observation I have made is these kids play anywhere there’s room for a field. One field we went to was 90 percent dirt and today’s field had a termite mound on it. Sometimes I think we take too much for granted back home. Our kids play on fields that cost up to a million dollars for high school sports. We take so much for granted in life; these kids play with a huge smile on their face just because they have a place to play.

The mission that was set out to do by Golden Heart and Mission Uganda is working

God is good all the time. All the time God is good, and that’s his nature WOW!

God bless you all back home.