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Our team, Carrol Hoksbergen, Bruce (Pappy) Engbers, Nuper (Ron) Nunnikhoven and I left on Saturday, February 1, and arrived at Entebbe around midnight. We arrived safely at our home at 2 am on the 3rd. While driving in last night, it was pitch black, and we had no idea what the landscape was going to look like. I guess that only includes Carroll and myself, because this is not Nuper and Bruce’s first morning waking up in Makuno.

We awoke to roosters crowing, after just a few hours of sleep, and wow! What view! As I sit on my deck this morning, I am feeling extremely blessed to see another part of the world that God created. We will be heading out soon to our first school and the first of nine soccer tournaments. We can only imagine what He has in store for this team the next several days.

As Bruce said this morning, we have already started putting hay in the barn with all the conversations we had with people during our travels to get here. It is truly amazing how God’s work started when we were still in Des Moines.

Monday February 3

The day started with the team sitting around the breakfast table and talking about God’s word and what an awesome God we have who loves us so much. Our first stop today was out to the grain mill and hog facility that Dennis and Maggie own and operate. Several people back home gave them the financial support they needed to start these projects and what the two of them are doing with these resources is incredible!

It is evident that they have God in their hearts through all of this. They are working so hard to make this operation more and more self-efficient; not just for the mill and pig operation but for the orphanage they operate as well. Two weeks ago, they dug a well by hand and now they have their own well at the site for their livestock instead of paying for water to be hauled in.

After that, we headed to the soccer tournament that Golden Heart and Mission Uganda put on. It was very clear to me that these two mission groups have made a huge impact in these villages. I cannot describe the welcome we received when we arrived. I have heard stories from cousin Bryce before, but I had to experience it to really understand.

At each tournament the Message is given, and today Bruce gave the message about the love and strength God gives us when we face our giants. He told the story of David facing Goliath. As some of you know Bruce and I are first cousin’s, but I will just say how lucky I am we were not any closer in age then we are, because he clearly would have picked on me 😊. In his message Bruce used me as Goliath and the littlest kid in the crowd as David. Bruce was so jealous that the kids liked me better than him, so he made me the bad guy 😊in this Bible story.

Seriously though, you should have seen all the kids and adults listening to this message. It was nothing like I have ever experienced before. God is working in a BIG, BIG way here in Uganda with these two mission teams.

The feeling is overwhelming what we will experience each day here. The team covets everyone’s prayers back home!

Until tomorrow, God bless everyone back home.
Joel Jansen

PS Remember God is good all the time.