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Yesterday was our last day visiting schools, giving away porridge, going to the soccer pitch, and sharing the love of Jesus Christ at each stop.

WOW!!! The last two weeks of our lives were impacted in ways that are hard to explain. Holy was with us every second of the day, and that’s where we got our strength each moment.

Yesterday Nuper did a first. He had some young adults from Uganda share the Gospel and their love for Jesus. The first one was a young lad named Miracle. He does all the sound and music at the tournaments. Nuper has gotten to know him the last year, and yesterday Nuper asked him if he would speak. Miracle smiled and said yes. He had an amazing message, and it was so cool to see the crowd listen to him.

The other one who shared was named Stephen, Stephen is the head ref of all the soccer games. He has been refereeing these games since this all started a year ago, and this is the third tournament held by Mission Uganda and Golden Heart.

Both guys had a great message as they shared their love for Jesus Christ to all those in attendance at this pitch (soccer game). We are exhausted yet filled up beyond our imagination with what this trip brings. We have seen so much, and our hearts have broken for so many. As Dennis put it, “the people who don’t know Jesus are the ones in actual poverty.” Wow, he is so correct in that statement.

This morning, we have been sitting around talking about our time here. The main mission was to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We feel very blessed that we did just that, but we all agree that we need to continue sharing Christ back home and Golden Heart will continue here in Uganda.

Bruce received a surprise this morning, Bruce and Sue pay tuition for two handsome young boys. Their parents are deceased, and they live with their Aunt Catherine, so she is their legal guardian. Bruce and Sue take care of their tuition, which is a very big deal because children cannot go to school unless their tuition is paid, and Catherine is a young mother herself. As I sit here and write, I hear Bruce and the boys outside playing. I can tell you they are having a great time.

In a few hours, we will start our journey back home to our beautiful brides and our wonderful families. We are all very anxious to see everyone again.

One thing for sure, we will not forget the friends and children we met in Uganda. We ask that everyone who has been reading this blog to keep the people in Uganda lifted in prayer. So much can be done here, but I can tell you a lot has been done, and the team plans to continue this mission for years to come, God willing.

As I am wrapping up, another surprise came to the house. Her name is Mariah, the sponsored daughter of Nuper and Judy. Wow, God is good!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

The Band of Brothers