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You just never know what God has in store for you until he puts it right in front of you. That happens about everyday here in Uganda. Each morning when we get on the bus, we always pray before we take off, asking God to prepare us for the day. I really enjoy this moment.

I have not seen a situation yet that the Golden Heart Team has not been prepared for. We pass many schools every day to get to the school that has been selected to receive three bags of porridge and math sets for the children in P7 and P6. Today it was just like every other day. We get to the school, and we could not believe the beautiful school grounds. We are sitting in this beautiful garden with green grass and lots of trees, having a great time with the kids. In fact, I think the Band of Brothers may become backup singers for Matthew West and Casting Crowns when they sing “Nobody,” because we gave it our best shot today and it didn’t go too bad😁. There *might* be a video we will share, if you are very nice to us when we get home.

Back to the story.

As we are getting close to being done, we notice more school children coming into this garden. We know it’s a different school because the uniforms are a different color. The students had one teacher with them. That teacher spoke with Maggie. This was an all Muslim school, but they had heard about how Golden Heart and Mission Uganda teams were helping kids to have food each day and giving math sets so the children are better prepared for their math exams to graduate to the next level.

They saw our bus drive by and saw us stop just down the road from their school. They came to see if we would help them. And yes, the Golden Heart team was prepared. They had extra bags of porridge and extra math sets. These 56 Muslim children were blessed by the mission of the teams. We asked if we could pray for them, and they allowed us to pray over them. What a moment!

We arrive at our next school, and it is complete opposite from where we had just come from. However, the children’s smiles are just as big. We are getting the program started, and a little girl drops to the ground and begins to have a seizure. Having an EMT background, I felt unprepared for this situation as I had no tools with me. But Maggie, Bruce and Nuper begin to pray for her. I put a blanket under head so she would not hit her head on the concrete floor and start praying for her as well. We move the little girl into another room because she is very, very, hot. Golden Heart has another vehicle carrying porridge following us to each school. Maggie had team members take this little girl to the hospital. Again Golden Heart was prepared. The last we heard, the little girl was admitted in the hospital, diagnosed with malaria.

God says He will not give us any more than we can handle and that is true, if we are prepared in our faith. That was very evident today while we were on God’s mission field.

Another great soccer match again today, as it went into overtime as well. These games are so exciting!

I want to finish up by saying, we all need to be prepared each day because we do not know what He has in store for us. I really like how our friend Noah puts it, “One way, no shortcuts “