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My life began on a farm just east of Pella, Iowa. I was part of a family of six, and everyone had to help on the farm. My parents talked a lot about “doing your chores.” Chores are a list of things that you are responsible of doing.

At the age of 4, I was given my first chores. My responsibility was to make sure the boxes by the kitchen stove for coal and wood were full. The wood was called Rolscreen wood—scraps from the factory—that were great to start the fire. This was pretty hard work for such a little boy. My other job was to go to the chicken house and gather the eggs. 

As I got older, my chores became more important. I actually wanted to do bigger and more important things. My brother David and I would go out to the machine shed all the time, sit on the tractors and pretend we were farming. 

When I got up this morning God prompted me to read James. That is where this story comes from.

In James 1:9–11, God is talking about how He will boast about his children that are poor and only have faith in Him but how the rich who have faith in their money will just fade away. 

“In the same way, the rich will fade away with all of their achievements.”  James 1:11

This made me think of my achievements in life and my failures. For some reason my mind went back to “chores.” As I was talking to Papa, He said, “I have given you lots of chores to do, and am going to give you lots more.”

I am about to begin the biggest chore of my life. In other words, this is the most significant thing I have done in my 61 years of life.  God gave me the “chore” of Mission Uganda. Next week my team and I leave for Uganda, and the work God has given is very great.  Eight months ago I felt this chore was impossible, it couldn’t be done, it would never work. Guess what. Papa worked out all the details. The math sets are all ready to be presented; the uniforms are all ready to be handed to the new students. Hundreds of bags of maize flour to make porridge is ready to be presented to the schools. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is ready to be delivered to everyone we meet. 

What is really scary: Papa is saying this is just the beginning to bigger chores. 

James 1:3–4 says, “So let it grow (your faith), for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.”  

When I was a little boy my dream was to drive a tractor and nothing could top that. Today I am going to take a team to Uganda, and we are going to do “chores” that will change the reality of thousands of people. Chores in my life now are what I call “Big Boy God Stuff!”

I can’t wait to share with you the adventures of this mission. 


Do any of you want bigger “chores” to do? Just say yes to Papa.