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Stories of God

The Shiloh Ranch Story

In July 2018, Mission Uganda (MU) took its first team to Uganda. One of the initial team members is a guy named Bryce Engbers.  Bryce had never been on a mission trip, so all this was new to him. This farm boy/hog producer from Iowa did things normal...

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David’s Story

In Uganda, there is an epidemic which hits the most vulnerable in society hardest—being orphaned. Uganda is suffering from a rampant HIV epidemic. In the Mukono District alone, with a population of around 600,000 people, 56% of the population is under the...

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What a Team it Was!

It is Good Friday today.  At NuMark we give Good Friday off as a holiday.  I am at the office working doing some quotes trying to catch up on some work.  I decided to listen and watch a video on YouTube that Aaron Groves sent me.  Mission Uganda was...

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God is a Missionary God

It is Sunday morning. Very early, and it is raining outside. My town is asleep, waiting to do their Sunday activities. Many will go to church later today because that is what we do in this little Dutch town.  Many are very excited about last night’s...

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Mission Uganda at Newton Church of the Way

When we go on a mission trip, we think we are going to help the people in Uganda. We have done our thing for Jesus, and we will go on with our lives. Trust us when we say you will be forever blessed, and you will never be the same. You may leave Uganda,...

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Tears of Joy

It was the last day we had in Uganda as a mission and with our new family. We started the day with a later-than-normal breakfast and some prayer time. After prayer time, Maggie gathered us all outside of the house for a debrief of the mission trip. She was...

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Mission Accomplished

What a great last day to complete our mission here in Uganda! This morning we had the usual devotional and breakfast. We then set out on the bus for our first school. On the bus ride, Nuper volunteered Maggie and Dennis to answer any question we had. The...

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Being a Light

Our morning was full of emotion because Dennis shared Linda's story with us. Read Nuper's blog to get more details about it. I knew Linda as a young 15-year-old girl helping take care of New Dawn, Maggie and Dennis' baby. I know now Linda is a girl that...

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Linda’s Story

There has been a young lady with us at our house. We all knew that she was someone Margaret and Dennis had helped. This morning we heard her story. Dennis got very emotional as he told it. Dennis went to Linda’s village which was 6 hours away. He felt God...

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