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We have completed our first day! We had devotions this morning at 7:00am. It was an amazing time—we carried on from where we left off last June. We had breakfast and left the house at 9:00.

We went to three grade schools this morning. The team shared the gospel at each site, and we distributed math sets, porridge and soccer balls.

Wow, do the kids love the soccer balls!

We then went to the site where the soccer tournament was, and they had played two matches already. They had a huge stage set up with a massive speaker system. Each team member introduced themselves and all had a short testimony. Aaron Groves came up and shared his life story. It was just what the high school kids needed to hear, and he did such an awesome job.

Then we had the soccer game. I have to be honest, I took a nap during the game. Jet lag! The game was a tie so we had a shootout. The crowd was just ecstatic! A sports tournament like this has never happened to these people. There were 10 teams and one champion, and the winning team got a cow for the prize. The winning team was on the stage celebrating. They received new uniforms and new soccer balls. We were worried that they were going to bring the cow on the stage.

We got home about 7:00pm and had a delicious meal from the ladies. We are so well taken care of, but keep praying for us.

The prayers are definitely working!
The Mission Uganda Team.