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Taking God's Word To The World

Providing humanitarian aid—geometry sets, porridge and school uniforms—opens the door to share the gospel of Christ with those who receive the gifts. Using sport to draw communities closer together and share the gospel with those who attend the tournament.

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Imagine taking a state-required test to determine if you’re smart enough to move on to high school.

Then imagine getting to the math portion of the test and not knowing how to use a ruler, protractor, triangle and compass to solve the problems. This is the reality for a vast portion of the young Ugandan students being brought up in villages.

Discover Unlimited Potential

Bridging Tribal Divides

Imagine the only soccer ball you’ve ever played with is made out of banana leaves, and the field is whatever open space you can find.

Then imagine having the opportunity to play in a tournament for the first time in your life. The possibility of winning the tournament will draw communities and tribes closer together, bonding the adults with the young people. Entire villages will come to watch their team in the tournament. The fields are ripe for harvest.


The Plan

Feb. 2020. Soccer Tournament. 12 days.

July 2020. Team. 12 days.

The Plan (as of right now)

Nuper Nunnikhoven and a team of others from the Midwest will be traveling back to Uganda in July to spend twelve days passing out math sets to students, funding porridge for the kids to eat during the day, and providing uniforms for children who previously have not be allowed to attend school. The team will be the guests at rallies that will take place over the twelve days they are there. They have the opportunity to share the Gospel with the people attending the rallies, bringing souls to Christ.

Show the Love of Jesus Christ


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A Look Inside The Mission

So many Ugandan students are intelligent and gifted, but most will not be able to get the education they need because of basic roadblocks. You can make a difference.

In Uganda, students must pass a state-required test in order to move on to the next level of education. The mathematics part of this test requires the use of a geometry set, made up of a ruler, protractor, triangle, and compass. The students in the villages have never seen or used these instruments, and subsequently fail the required test. The simple act of providing geometry sets has the potential to change lives.

However, the issues run much deeper for many. Children cannot attend school because their parents can’t afford the required uniforms. For those who can afford the uniforms, they still cannot afford the porridge for lunch. Can you imagine going all day without food, while watching your classmates eat their lunch?

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We have 2 trips planned for 2020. We are planning a soccer outreach for high school students in February, and another math sets/uniforms/porridge trip in July.

Exciting News!

2019 Soccer Tournament

Mission Uganda will be holding a soccer tournament in the Mukono district of Uganda in February 2019. The goal is to use soccer as a bridge to reach the people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Soccer is a uniting force which draws people together irrespective of tribe, age or education. Soccer is a bond. Mission Uganda will be presenting the Gospel at praise and worship sessions before the soccer games, which has the potential to impact thousands of people. The prize money given to winning teams will be the catalyst to start businesses and create jobs.

Who’s Involved

Mission Uganda is not about a single person—it is the movement of the Holy Spirit. Ron “Nuper” Nunnikhoven has obediently followed the Holy Spirit’s leading step-by-step, which brought him to Uganda and a divine meeting with Margaret. God has given them both a huge heart for the children of Uganda and a calling to be the hands and feet of Christ in that area of the world.

Nuper Nunnikhoven

Margaret Nakavubu Bakubi

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